New Kenzo box set: Flower Eau de Lumière

New Kenzo box set: Flower Eau de Lumière
New Kenzo box set: Flower Eau de Lumière

Flower Eau Lumière, Kenzo’s solar breath in a unique box

Flower Eau Lumière by Kenzo is a new version of one of the most cult perfumes in women’s perfumery. Flower was born in 2000, as if to mark the passage of the sign in the new millennium. Very daring, this juice is inspired by a poppy. What a funny idea when you know that this is a flower that has no smell! Flower Eau Lumière, like its predecessor, therefore calls on your inventiveness. Here he imagines a poppy captivating with sensuality and bordered by light. The result is a floral and dazzling, particularly feminine juice. Flower Eau Lumière is for all benevolent women who flood the world with their radiant allure. Today, this iconic Kenzo perfume is invited in a unique box.

Flower Eau Lumière, a dazzling floral

Flower Eau Lumière is all at the same time: poetry, freshness and softness. He takes us into a very poetic universe and initially releases a dazzling energy. This resurfaces with an incisive alliance of bergamot and pear. This fruity and juicy breath is then relayed by a more floral and feminine heart. At this moment, Flower Eau Lumière is enriched with Bulgarian rose and sambac jasmine. This opulent fragrance gains in purity on contact with white musks. Finally, to give it a touch of gluttony, Kenzo has also added a honey balm. The result is a gourmet fragrance without overdoing it, simply addicting.

The elongated bottle of Flower Eau Lumière

Kenzo’s new box set is a brand new one. On the other hand, it contains the iconic and original bottle of Flower Eau Lumière. Celebrating the union of flower and light, it borrows the slender silhouette of a poppy stem bending slightly in the wind. For the very first time, the bottle of Flower Eau Lumière reveals to us in its transparency a sun juice with golden accents. The poppy flower, on the other hand, appears on its cap. Its petals are also more coral than before.

The flamboyant box of Flower Eau Lumière

Flower Eau Lumière comes in a sparkling perfume box . Through it, Kenzo wanted to marry the East and the West. Inspired by its original culture, the brand chose to flood its box with a shower of luminous stars resting on a rising sun. The poppy, meanwhile, emerges from this sun. The emblematic red hue of the sign is omnipresent. Inside this attractive container hides two bottles of Flower Eau Lumière. The first contains 100 ml. The second, on the other hand, is a 15ml bag spray. Thus, Flower Eau Lumière will now be able to accompany you everywhere!


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