Kenzo Flower Water of Light

Kenzo Flower Water of Light
Kenzo Flower Water of Light

Flower By Kenzo Lumière, Kenzo’s comeback to its classics

2016 was a milestone year for the Kenzo house. For good reason, it presented us the very first perfume of Humberto Leon and Carol Lim, the new artistic directors of the brand. Kenzo then seemed to radically change course, swapping his poetry of yesteryear for an atmosphere much more “barred” than in the past. In addition, you could not miss the new commercial for Kenzo World and its frenzied dance ! However, it seems that 2017 sounds like a return to the brand’s essentials. In addition, Kenzo has just announced the upcoming release, in March 2017, of the new Flower By Kenzo Lumière.

Flower By Kenzo, an icon of the Kenzo brand

Flower By Kenzo is a fragrance that appeared at Kenzo during our transition to the year 2000, as if the brand wanted to strike a blow to mark this unforgettable page in history forever. To do this, Kenzo developed a perfume based on a fragile and unpredictable flower: the poppy. The idea was all the more surprising considering that this is a plant that has no odor. Flower By Kenzo is thus described as being a perfume above all appealing to the imagination. Its ambition is to make a nomadic flower appear, where we do not expect it, in our often too urban universe. The new Flower By Kenzo Lumière thus fits into exactly the same theme. It is a fragrance with a modern and graphic olfactory texture,

The floral fragrance of Flower By Kenzo Lumière

Once again, like all the perfumes in the Kenzo collection, Flower By Kenzo Lumièretakes the form of a floral, fresh and powdery juice. This “radiant” fragrance is characterized by its fresh burst of bergamot from Calabria. Bergamot is a fruit made from the cross between lemon and sour orange, famous for its refreshing but tender flavor. This then opens the way to a floral heart composed of Bulgarian rose and delicate jasmine. Thus, Flower By Kenzo Lumière always appears to be a very poetic juice. Her absolute femininity then evolves towards an even more air base. This leaves behind a sensation of cleanliness emanating directly from the white musk. Flower By Kenzo Lumière thus ends with a base designed “like a scented veil of light”.

The elegant bottle from the Flower By Kenzo series

Everything is presented to us in the iconic bottle from the Flower By Kenzo collection. This one has remained the same since its debut, and despite being 17 years old, it doesn’t seem to have aged a bit. Its design is inspired by the contemporary architecture of cities. It is entirely made of glass, stretching towards the sky like a building. Nevertheless, its slight curvature evokes that of a flower stalk, as if nature was gradually regaining its rights over the urban world. A poppy is then displayed on its front face. Only its juice is different from the past, swapping its limpid transparency for a champagne tone.


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