L’Eau Kenzo Aquadisiac

L'Eau Kenzo Aquadisiac
L’Eau Kenzo Aquadisiac

L’Eau Kenzo Aquadisiac, Kenzo’s new aquatic vision

Have you never thought of the path crossed by a drop of water? This natural element has been constantly renewed since the dawn of time. Moreover, this is precisely one of the points that has fascinated the Kenzo house since the mid-1990s. Indeed, it was during this period that the L’Eau de Kenzo collection was born, paying tribute to the one of the most essential elements of the planet for our survival. As if to celebrate the 20th anniversary of this essence, Kenzo has decided to create two new versions called L’Eau Kenzo Aquadisiac and intended respectively for men and women.

L’Eau Kenzo Aquadisiac for women, a fruity and floral cocktail

Galanterie obliges, let’s start with the feminine scent of this duo. When L’Eau de Kenzo first appeared in 1996, the brand said: “Water has no color. So I wanted colorful water. Fruit, flowers, freshness and happiness ”. Well, that’s exactly what we find once again in L’Eau Kenzo Aquadisiac for women. This perfume has retained the same silhouette as its elders. It is part of a pure and smooth bottle whose body forms a thick rectangle of glass traversed by a ripple similar to that of water. However, if the front face of this container has remained completely transparent, it overhangs a more colored background. This one echoes a seabed and a coral reef. It then wonderfully reflects the liveliness of this juice. Eau Kenzo Aquadisiac for women is the work of perfumer Christophe Raynaud. The latter has chosen to work around an association of flowers and fruits. Eau Kenzo Aquadisiac begins with a sweet and sweet flavor of mandarin associated with a juicy pear. Then, a floral and airy heart takes over. This one consists of jasmine and lotus. Finally, it all overcomes a base of white musk.

L’Eau Kenzo Aquadisiac for men, a woody and spicy fragrance

For men, L’Eau Kenzo Aquadisiac is the perfect echo of its female counterpart. Thus, this juice is contained in the same bottle except for a slight change in color at its bottom. While this one is blue and pink for women, it comes in two shades of blue for men. Likewise, these juices were not produced by the same perfumer. Eau Kenzo Aquadisiac for men is signed by Olivier Cresp. Renowned perfumer, he always tries to put emotions in his perfumes as well as woody notes. This is all that we find in L’Eau Kenzo Aquadisiac for men. This fragrance begins with a very fresh and citrus opening. This combines the scent of lime with that of yuzu, a small Japanese citron. Then, spices take over and cardamom joins pink pepper for a more explosive finish. Finally, this fragrance is based on a base of guaiac wood.

Eau Kenzo Aquadisiac forms a duo inspired by “the eccentric colors, eclectic creatures and the vibrant flora of the depths of the sea”.


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