Kenzo – Totem Orange

Totem Orange by Kenzo
Totem Orange by Kenzo

Direct inspiration from Los Angeles where the atmosphere is warm, electric. Where dance brings people together or it becomes a tribe that evolves to the rhythm of the music. Tribe whose watchword is joy, energy and creativity. In some neighborhoods this tribe changes the environment and colors it with happiness for an unreal and magnificent world to the rhythm of the music. Cohesion and happiness change the world. What could be more beautiful and nobler than sharing

Orange Totem

Floral, dynamic fragrance associated with woody notes. Totem Orange is a perfume with a luminous, hypnotizing trail. It opens with the invigorating power of orange associated in its heart with the dynamism of lemon blossoms. The base is sophisticated thanks to the nobility of Vetiver.

Visual Tribu Kenzo Totem
Visual Tribu Kenzo Totem

The bottle is a creation of the Japanese designer Nendo. It represents a Totem in its most classic version tinted with a metallic blue in its center we find the name TOTEM tinted with orange. Nendo wanted a simple bottle without a multitude of identity signs so that everyone can identify and come together around it.

Mixed scent

Olfactory Family: Hesperide – Aromatic

Head note: Orange

Heart Note: Lemon Blossoms

Base note: Vetiver

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