Kenzoki – Lotus Caress Moisturizing Eyes

Kenzoki - Lotus Caress Moisturizing Eyes

Discover the Lotus Roll on Caress Moisturizing Eyes Kenzoki…

Lotus Caress Moisturizing Eyes

Buy Kenzoki’s Caresse de Lotus Moisturizing Eyes at a low price in your Fragrenza Perfumes online store.

This intensely hydrating fresh gel infuses the fragile eye area, which needs it more than you might think. And fine lines from dehydration instantly smooth out! The eyes light up. Puffiness and dark circles fade. You are ready to make the eyes soft …

Lotus Caress Moisturizing Kenzoki’s Eyes

To be applied in the morning and / or evening.

First of all, prepare the ritual: turn the nozzle to ON, light pressure on the tube and presto! The gel appears. Look forward to what will follow. With the ceramic bead, massage from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner. Fresh contact and benefactor.

Mark a time by massaging between the eye and the temple, continue going up towards the brow bone to also benefit the upper eyelid under the eyebrow which is waiting for that.

Mouthpiece OFF, close your eyes. The gel has already disappeared, greedily swallowed by the skin.Tap lightly with the pads of your fingers to finish the ritual in style. Take a look in the mirror. A stroke of fresh air has passed over your eyes …

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