Kenzo Homme, a concentrate of nature in a perfume

Kenzo Homme, a concentrate of nature in a perfume
Kenzo Homme, a concentrate of nature in a perfume

Kenzo Homme is a fragrance that first saw the light of day in the 90s and you can feel it. It is typically borrowed from the universe of that time and gives off aquatic scents characteristic of men’s fashion at that time. He has a little old-school side that suits him perfectly. It is synonymous with a certain old-fashioned flirtation and will not fail to recall unforgettable sentimental experiences to some… In particular memories taking place by the sea and accompanied by the fresh breath of the sea wind.

Kenzo Homme, the fresh breath of nature

Just like its bottle, Kenzo Homme plunges us into a bluish universe, more exactly by the sea. Here we are made in the size of nature, at dusk, while the sun begins to reflect its shards in the hollow of the waves. The water is calm and the wind barely blows on the elements still virgin and waking up in contact with daylight. The mansolitary is done with this spectacle as if to better contemplate it while drawing a certain richness in its strong interior. The planet seems to belong to him entirely and this being then draws its energy from the heart of natural elements. Kenzo Homme is inspired by the blue of the sky as well as that of the earth. Both become one and open up a space made up of contrasts. Although this scent is unlike any other, it still exudes a familiar feel and seems to draw its inspiration from universal scents. Its bottle then takes on a bluish tint reminiscent of the color of the depths of the ocean. In addition, a bamboo is embedded in it and this glass case seems to bend in the wind. All the elements of nature are then united and form only one and the same whole. Otherwise,

The maritime scent of Kenzo Homme

When you smell Kenzo Homme , the impression of sniffing the scent of foam is surprising. Nature is beautiful and very present and sweeps over us while upsetting the masculine scents to which we are accustomed. Logically, the top notes of Kenzo Homme are slightly iodine. This invigorating aspect is then accentuated in sage and spiced up in cloves and nutmeg. Then notes of green leaves play with fennel and its anise scents. The base then brings its woody side and reinforces the sensual aspect of the fragrance. Oakmoss rubs with vetiver, cistus and maritime pine. The whole then rounds out on the milky scent of sandalwood and ends with a sublime alliance of rosewood and radiant cedar.


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