For its 20th anniversary, Flower By Kenzo becomes Poppy Bouquet

For its 20th anniversary, Flower By Kenzo becomes Poppy Bouquet
For its 20th anniversary, Flower By Kenzo becomes Poppy Bouquet

Flower By Kenzo becomes Poppy Bouquet and celebrates its 20th anniversary!

20 years already… How time flies! It has been two decades since one of the most famous perfumes in the feminine department has emerged. To celebrate the transition to the year 2000, the Kenzo brand decided to make a fragrance inspired by a poppy, a flower that is odorless! With its audacity, this juice immediately gained a frank success, a notoriety which is moreover still relevant today. Kenzo could not therefore cross the course of the year 2020 without honoring its best-seller. This is why Flower By Kenzo Poppy Bouquet has just come to life, for our greatest pleasure! So, what about this generous bouquet of poppies, made by Alberto Morillas and Dora Baghriche?

Flower By Kenzo Poppy Bouquet, a fragrance between freshness, femininity and roundness

Flower By Kenzo Poppy Bouquet is a new flower rich in multiple reliefs. At first, Kenzo wanted to echo its Japanese origins, by integrating one of the country’s most emblematic fruits into its top notes: the nashi pear. Here, this element gives an impression of lightness and purity. Thus, Flower By Kenzo Poppy Bouquet delivers a very invigorating scent! Then, Flower By Kenzo Poppy Bouquet becomes more floral and feminine in its heart. It combines three emblematic plants of perfumery: Bulgarian rose, jasmine and gardenia. From then on, all is more than sensuality, light and pleasure. Its base is then wrapped in almond wood. This element gives it a rounder and more vibrant effect, bringing to the passage more modernity to this famous perfume.

Alberto Morillas and Dora Baghriche at the realization of the new Flower By Kenzo

To make this essence, Kenzo decided to call on Alberto Morillas, famous perfumer already at the origin of the first Flower By Kenzo, born in 2000. Alberto Morillas brings here his extraordinary know-how while taking care to respect the DNA from its initial creation. He nevertheless joined forces with Dora Baghriche, a particularly creative young perfumer, a true artist at heart, and above all fond of creating surprises in each of her recipes. Together, they give us a perfectly balanced juice, giving off contagious energy, and instantly making the world more beautiful, like an unexpected poppy popping up in the city.

Flower By Kenzo Poppy Bouquet offers three different formats

To satisfy all the desires of women, Flower By Kenzo Poppy Bouquet comes in three different sprays, 30, 50 and 100 ml. Each bottle in the collection curves in a different way depending on its capacity. As in the past, the Flower By Kenzo Poppy Bouquet bottle is entirely made of glass. Stretching towards the sky like a building, it seems to bend in the winds, like a fragile and light poppy. The color of Flower By Kenzo Poppy Bouquet now becomes powder pink, in a real dash of femininity. Finally, as usual, a poppy emerges on its walls, recalling the source of inspiration for this emblematic perfume.


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