Kenzo – Kenzo Men Sport

Kenzo - Kenzo Men Sport
Kenzo – Kenzo Men Sport

Kenzo reinterprets the codes of the spot and imagines the fresh, energetic scent of the athlete by nature, seemingly nothing! The new perfume, very sporty!

Kenzo Men Sport

You probably know one of them …

… or you might even be one of them

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Kenzo Homme Sport - Pub
Kenzo Homme Sport – Pub

The athlete by nature, the air of nothing. No demonstartion, his body speaks for him, free, naturally sexy. He never takes himself seriously, nature is his playground!

Perfume – Kenzo Homme Sport

A new olfactory territory for Kenzo. Kenzo Homme Sport is a fresh aromatic! A fresh start with grapefruit, mint and lemon. A spicy heart with ginger and geranium. A woody trail with cedar and vetiver.

Kenzo Homme Sport is a seductive fragrance: fresh, elegant, powerful. The freshness of a Sport Eau de Toilette. A wake, tonic and powerful. A casual elegance, the air of nothing!

Bottle – Kenzo Homme Sport

The Kenzo Homme Sport bottle takes up the bamboo symbol in new colors! DARK GRAY for elegance and RED for energy.

Kenzo Homme Sport - Case
Kenzo Homme Sport – Case

Two bottle sizes for Kenzo Homme Sport: 50 ml and 100 ml.

Men’s Perfumes

Olfactory Family: Aromatic – Fresh

Top Notes: Grapefruit, Mint, Lemon.

Heart Notes: Ginger, Geranium.

Base notes: Cedar Vetiver.

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