The latest Flower by Kenzo perfume box

The latest Flower by Kenzo perfume box
The latest Flower by Kenzo perfume box

Flower by Kenzo and its poppy-scent box

As if to celebrate its entry into the second millennium, Kenzo has made one of its most famous perfumes: Flower by Kenzo. Today known throughout the world, it is nevertheless a crazy gamble: to give an odor to the poppy, a plant that is nevertheless odorless. Calling on the imagination, it takes us to an unknown territory rich in symbols. Flower by Kenzo is a fragrance full of energy and poetry. It deploys all the palettes of femininity and offers us a modern, graphic and urban olfactory texture. Today, Flower by Kenzo is back and unveiled in an elegant blue box .

The floral and powdery breath of the Flower by Kenzo perfume

So what can a poppy smell like? With Flower by Kenzo, Kenzo has created a kind of bridge between the city universe and nature. The result is a fragrance built around three accords. The first is a huge bouquet of vibrant and silky flowers. He combines Parma violet, wild hawthorn and Bulgarian rose. A powdery accord is associated with this scent and makes this fragrance more creamy and enveloping. A warmer breath completes the whole, enriching it with Bourbon vanilla, white musk, and opoponax. Finally, a striking freshness completes this recipe, giving it more strength and liveliness.

Flower by Kenzo’s magical box

Flower by Kenzo arrives where we least expect it and has swapped its iconic red color for a more mysterious blue. Its box is decorated with wild animals. The contrast with the usual universe of Flower by Kenzo is striking. However, this box is no less poetic. It contains the Flower by Kenzo spray in a 50 ml format accompanied by its miniature 15 ml bottle, to slip into any handbag.


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